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Optima Blue Top Marine Batteries

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Optima Blue Top, Marine Batteries offer the clean, reliable, high-power output and deep cycle characteristics that have made Optima batteries famous are available for marine applications. Optima Marine batteries use the same unique SPIRALCELL Technology which Optima engineers incorporate in the Optima Red Top Batteries and the Optima Yellow Top, Deep Cycle Batteries. Optima Batteries uses high purity lead plates wound with a glass mat that absorbs electrolyte like a sponge. This design gives the Optima extremely high power, very low internal resistance and other features that translate into the following benefits:

  • Optima Blue Top, Marine Batteries provides high power output faster and longer than conventional batteries, resulting in greater cranking ability and less capacity reduction at high current loads.
  • Optima Blue Top, Marine Batteries can be fully recharged in as little as one hour - more than twice as fast as other batteries.
  • Optima Blue Top, Marine Batteries have been verified in Life Cycle testing to exceed 350 complete discharges.
  • Optima Blue Top, Marine Batteries won't spill, leak, or corrode; it's the safest, cleanest battery on the market. The Optima can be mounted in any position - sideways, or even upside down.
  • Optima Blue Top, Marine Batteries lasts two to three times longer than conventional batteries providing years of reliable, convenient performance, and exceptional value. Optima Blue Top, Marine Batteries can sit unused for up to one year and still start your boat.
  • Optima Blue Top, Marine, Deep Cycle, Batteries solve the Optimax problem by providing abundant starting to these new engines and deep cycle ability all in a small size.

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